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The Villa Wewersbusch is a private school near Essen, Germany, with a more than 40-year long history of schooling. Our 200 students are all endued with an iPad and have accessed their learning material on iTunes U since 2012. In 2015, the decision was made to abolish traditional school books and have the students be the producers of their own material. Therefore, Explain Everything has become a crucial part in our everyday school life.

After discovering the app Explain Everything and its benefits in the classroom in 2014 during an Apple Education Leadership Summit, the app has become a permanent feature in our classrooms across all of our groups. We are continually astounded by the unlimited possibilities offered by the app and how it has enhanced the learning process at our school.Unterricht mit dem iPad und der App Explain Everything.jpgStudents working with the app Explain Everything are fully engaged in their own learning process. They see themselves as a producer of their own work and success, rather than being a passive receiver of information passed on from their teacher. As a result, the creativity in the students’ work is greatly enhanced, as they seek alternative ways and methods to display their work and thoughts. In comparison to traditional textbook methods of teaching, students take significantly more pride in their work and therefore, in general have a more positive attitude towards learning. In addition, as students learn through explaining it becomes clear to teachers that their students have fully understood the topics and subjects covered in class, and to a much higher standard than if they were just to complete a set of exercises in class.Download Explain Everything for Free.jpg
The students themselves have become the teachers and get to experience the learning process from from a completely new perspective. As teachers, we are able to see the individuality and uniqueness of all of our students more clearly, which in itself makes the teaching experience much more fulfilling and exciting. Furthermore, teachers are able to correct the work completed by students with Explain Everything, and provide personalised feedback for all students. As a result, students have a great feeling of value and are able to reflect a great deal deeper on how they can improve their work and therefore, their overall academic performance.

Students at our school love working with Explain Everything and it’s various features and being able to work through various different channels such as audio, visual or haptic. Meaning that their work never seems boring to them and is also open to new possibilities of creativity and discovery. Through the app Explain Everything, students are given not only the opportunity to present their own work but to share their knowledge with others.

Student´s quotes

I love to work with Explain Everything, because I can easily make great videos and show my knowledge!

Explain Everything is my favorite app at school. I use it in every subject to make videos or infographics.

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