Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. 

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In a modern school the role of a teacher is not only to educate their pupils in the the content of the curriculum but to actively involve students in their own learning. Motivating students to be active role players, as opposed to passive individuals waiting to receive information from the teacher.  This in itself presents challenges to the teacher, requiring more skills and flexibility than ever asked before. Firmly believing in these principles of the centrality of the student in their own learning, a group of teachers from the Villa Wewersbusch visited the school ‘Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule’ on the 24th of May,  to attend a set of seminars and workshops presenting how the use of iPads and especially iBooks can help teachers to motivate their students to become active learners.

Welcomed by a friendly team and snacks, the team started our process into how the use of technology in the classroom can revolutionise students attitudes and feelings towards learning.  Workshops included- Erstellen von Übungen im Fremdsprachenunterricht mit der App Notability, Literarisches Verständnis ausbilden und umsetzen mit iMovie and „Das iPad als Schweizermesser bei der Inklusion” and more. In addition to the workshops the seminars by Prof. Dr. Bernd Trocholepczy & Prof. Dr. Holger Horz: „Digitale Inkompetenz-Kompensierungs-Kompetenz” and Prof. Dr. Frank Thissen (HDM): Vorstellung der Untersuchung: „Einfluss von eBooks auf die Resultate von Unterricht” were given.

Some of the key themes and motifs of the seminars and workshops were the themes of self motivation, the centrality of pupils in their own learning and creativity.

Rather than pupils just learning in a teacher-centered environment and writing down instructed exercises, which fulfills only the purpose of getting students through exams, but developing skills and work ethic which will later be crucial in the workplace. Students should be creators, designers and have a feeling of ownership of their own work. Professor Thissen claims that in such circumstances students produce work of a higher quality than normal and have a significantly higher degree of motivation.

As evidence to support these theories, we were explained the test results of a Bachelor thesis. Taking a test group, in which one group of students were required to complete their history project as an e-book which would be later published for the general public. This group of students was then compared to another group, completing the project in more traditional means. The students were interviewed throughout and the results at the end were compared to see what differences could be found.

The results of this test study showed that when students were given the chance to be creative learners with the understanding that their work would be published, they completed their work to a standard of a significantly higher level. Students never used copy and paste, and had more awareness that their work is more relevant. However, perhaps more important than this, students were deeply motivated to learn, and retained more of the information which they had learnt than the learners who had completed their course using more traditional methods. With the feeling of empowerment and control over their own learnings, students created a project which they could have a strong feeling of pride over.

The congress was a wonderful opportunity to become more aware of how the iPad and technology can help teachers face the new challenges of modern teaching, and to create pupils who enjoy what they learn and go beyond the standards usually expected of them.

Workshop #1
Sandra Ricker: Der Erwerb von Deutsch als Zweitsprache mit dem iPad

Praxistipps #1
Annika Riedel: Tipps und Tricks zum nachhaltig erfolgreichen Aufstellen und Finanzieren eines Tablet-Projekts

Workshop #2
Sybille Unterstab: Literarisches Verständnis ausbilden und umsetzen mit iMovie

Workshop #3
Elmar Kramm: Anleitung zum Einsatz von Messgeräten im Chemieunterricht

Workshop #4
Dr. Peter Mergler: Erstellen von Übungen im Fremdsprachenunterricht mit der App Notability

Workshop #5
Norbert Schröder: Praxisbeispiele: „Das iPad als Schweizermesser bei der Inklusion“

Workshop #6
Elisabeth Franc: Multimedialer Unterricht mit den Medien aus den Medienzentren

Keynote #1
Prof. Dr. Thissen (HDM): Vorstellung der Untersuchung: „Einfluss von eBooks auf die Resultate von Unterricht”

Keynote #2
Prof. Dr. Trocholepczy & Prof. Dr. Horz: „Digitale Inkompetenz Kompensierungs – Kompetenz“ Satirischer Blick auf ein aktuelles Thema …

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